Preventing surgery hypothermia

Single-use self-warming blanket effective in preventing surgery hypothermia

Mölnlycke Health Care today announces results from a study that demonstrates that an active, self-warming blanket (BARRIER® EasyWarm®) is equally effective as forced-air warming  in preventing hypothermia in mid-duration surgery. The study, presented at the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, further shows that patients were kept comfortably warm both before and after surgery when using the active self-warming blanket. 

Inadvertent perioperative hypothermia (IPH) is a serious and common side effect of anaesthesia, but it is also preventable. Because even mild perioperative hypothermia can contribute to adverse events, such as increased risk of infection, bleeding, cardiovascular complications and patient discomfort1, IPH should be avoided.

The study presented at the ASA meeting was a randomized, prospective clinical investigation carried out across three European hospitals. It evaluated data from patients undergoing elective mid-duration surgery.

Patients were randomized into two treatment groups. One group would receive warming with the single-use blanket throughout the entire perioperative period while the other would receive warming via forced air during the intraoperative period. The patients’ temperatures were measured preoperatively at anaesthesia induction, intraoperatively at 15-minute intervals and postoperatively at the end of anaesthesia.

The investigation results show that the use of the active self-warming blanket is as effective as forced-air warming in maintaining a core body temperature ≥36.0°C during the first hour of anaesthesia. Patient thermal comfort levels were also measured. Patients felt comfortably warm both before and after surgery when using the active self-warming blanket.


1. Perioperative thermoregulation and temperature monitoring. Insler SR, Sessler DI. Anesthesiol Clin. 2006;24:823-37.



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About BARRIER EasyWarm
The BARRIER EasyWarm active self-warming blanket has 12 air-activated warming pads consisting of 100% natural material, such as active coal, clay, salt, water and iron powder. When the blanket comes into contact with oxygen, the warming pads are activated. The blanket maintains an average temperature of 44°C for up to 10 hours, raising skin temperature to a maximum of 42°C. Quick and easy to set up, the blanket can be used before, during and after surgery as it does not need any additional equipment such as fans, hoses of electricity.