Process for partnering

Our process for partnering

At Mölnlycke Health Care, we strive to improve clinical outcomes for patients and offer safer, more efficient and cost-effective solutions for healthcare professionals.
We receive many proposals from potential partner organisations every year. Our teams review each proposal carefully, assessing its technological and clinical value, the market potential and its alignment with our focus areas.

Process for becoming a Mölnlycke Health Care partner

  1. We recommend you seek legal advice to protect your intellectual property before you approach us.
  2. You should then review our terms and conditions of submission. By submitting your proposal to us, you are agreeing to them.
  3. Contact us using the web form on the side of this page. You will need to provide details of the proposal and agree to a confidentiality waiver.
  4. We will confirm that we have received your proposal by email.
  5. Approximately six weeks after we receive your proposal, we will inform you whether we require more information, wish to further discuss your proposal or have turned down your proposal.
  6. Once we have all the information we need, we may contact you and your legal representative to explore potential development projects, joint venture or licensing agreements with you. These discussions are not yet binding. We may sign a full confidentiality agreement with you at this stage.

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Ønsker du at kontakte vores hovedkontor eller andre lokale kontorer, henviser vi til vores globale kontaktinformationer.

For produktreklamationer eller utilsigtede hændelser, bedes du kontakte os ved at benytte vores formular for rapportering af utilsigtet hændelse.



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